Wingfield - Year 3/4

Wingfield is a mixed-age class of Year 3 and 4. There are currently 19 children in the class. They are taught by Miss Johnson supported by Mrs Sezgin. During the week, Wingfield attend swimming lessons at Ripley Leisure Centre and take part in brass lessons provided by the Wider Opportunities Music Partnership.
Do inventions and discoveries make life better?
We are discoverers
Autumn 2023
This term we are learning about all things prehistoric, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will explore how life changed for the people living during this time with a focus on invention and legacy. We'll also be exploring how weaving had an impact on the life of these people in our Design Technology topic.
In our stand alone subjects, we will be studying:
Subject Autumn 1 Autumn 2
Science Enquiry Rocks and Soils
Computing     Systems and Networks Creating Media: Stop frame animation
PE Athletics Basketball
PSHE VIPs Be Yourself
RE What do Christians learn from the creation story? Why are festivals important to religious communities?
Music Wider Opportunities Music Partnership: brass Wider Opportunities Music Partnership: brass
Essential Information
Monday- spelling test and swimming
Friday- P.E
Miss Johnson teaches the children from Monday to Thursday. The children are taught by Mrs Turner and Mrs Deaville on Friday.
Children are welcome to keep their PE kit in school.