New Curriculum Launched January 2023

In the Autumn term the whole school become DISCOVERERS. All classes have a History themed project. Within the discoverer topics, children will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify questions to answer and problems to solve
  • Plan and research
  • Analyse and evaluate
  • Show empathy
  • Show a commitment to justice
  • Explore issues, events and problems from different perspectives
  • Support conclusions using reasoned arguments and evidence
  • Communicate learning in different ways
The big questions that the children will explore are:

What does it mean to British?

Why is the Great Fire of London significant?

Do inventions and discoveries make life better?

Would life be simpler if you could just take something and not feel guilty?

How did the Tudors change the face of Great Britain?

Were ancient civilisations the same?

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Each class has a two-year rolling curriculum.

Knowledge Organisers