Friends of Fritchley

Welcome to your Parents, Teachers and Friends Association

All parents and carers at Fritchley CE (Aided) Primary and Nursery School automatically become a member upon joining the school. It’s your association.

What is the Friends of Fritchley?

The Friends of Fritchley (FoF) Parent Teacher Friends Association is an open community of parent volunteers working alongside the school/teachers and other “friends” to benefit the school and ensure the best educational experience for all its pupils.

Parents and care givers have a big impact on how well their children do at school. Taking an active role in your PTFA is one of the ways you can make a difference and get involved. We raise money to fund school development through activities and events alongside providing a social network for parents.

Although a warm welcome is great, there’s more to PTFA activities than home baking and serving tea. Any parent can be a member and every parent has skills to bring - from graphic design to gardening; from events management to balancing the books; from wrapping up lucky dip gifts to handing out flyers!

How can you help?

Examples of how you can commit, either at an event or behind the scenes, include:

  • help with a particular event 
  • share fundraising ideas
  • attend meetings

How do we raise funds?

We’ve held a wide range of fundraisers including:
  • discos
  • raffles
  • sponsored walk
  • non-uniform days
  • quizzes
  • tasty treat sales

What do we spend money on?

The teachers, parents, friends and, most importantly, children all have a say on what the money raised is spent on. Recently, we have raised funds for:
  • A new set of iPads for a group as well as a new iPad for each class.
  • Glockenspiels to enhance the music curriculum.
  • Gardening gloves for the children. 
  • New interactive televisions for all classrooms.
  • The redevelopment of the computer room.
  • Visits to the theatre for all the children in school.

Could you help? What skills do you have that we may need? What great ideas can you share?

Drop a line to us directly if you can help to: edevonport@fritchley.derbyshire.sch.uk
Calendar of Planned Events:
Rainbow non-uniform day with colour donation
Friday Treat Day

Winter Disco

Raffle at the Nativity

Guess the name of the penguin
Tea towels and cookbooks
Wacky Hair day with sweet treat donation

Easter raffle

Name the Easter bunny
2p collection
Alphabet non-uniform day with matching donation.
Bounce-a -thon

Summer Disco

Raffle at junior production