Hardwick - Nursery/Reception

Hardwick Class is where we welcome the youngest learners into school to begin their learning journey. The children in this class are either in nursery (pre-school) or reception (the first year of school.) They are taught by Mrs Shaw and Mrs Deaville supported by Mrs Tannahill, Miss Phillips and Mrs Byard. 
The children in this class have the best of both worlds - learning through play, exploration and communication whilst being able to join in with the day to day life of the whole school. Children in Hardwick follow the Early Years Framework. More information about this curriculum can be found here.
Which toys did your grandparents play with?
We are discoverers 
Autumn 2023
This term, we join with the whole school by exploring history by guiding the children in their role as discoverers. Through continuous provision and adult initiated activies, children will explore songs, toys and games from the past as well developing an understanding of time.
Carefully posed questions and open activities allow the children to explore the seven areas of learning with an emphasised  focus on the prime areas of: communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development.
The children in Hardwick Class also take part in daily phonics sessions. We follow the 'Little Wandle' program to enable the children to learn their letters and sounds. More information for parents can be found here.
Thinking of applying for a place for your child? 
Please contact Mrs Smith in the school office to arrange a tour of the school.
You can apply for a reception place from 6th November 2023 through Derbyshire County Council by following the link here.
For nursery places, please contact Mrs Smith.
Thank you