Bubble Time

Bubble Time
The importance of positive mental health and wellbeing for all children in our school is of paramount importance. We fully understand that positive mental health and wellbeing at a young age can help boost resilience, self-esteem, confidence and allow children to develop and thrive in their lives. We also know it has a crucial impact on learning and achievement. 
School is a very busy place with lots of learning, fun and play taking place. All children and adults have worries at some point and talking these through really does help.  Sometimes some of our children might be carrying worries around with them and find it difficult to find a time to share these with the adults.  We have decided to place a 'Bubble Time' station in every classroom and outside my office.  In the little box are some pieces of paper and some pegs.  If a child has a worry, and they don't feel able to talk straight to a grown-up, they can write their name on a piece of paper and fold it up and peg it on the bubble.  A grown-up will then find a quiet time to sit with the child and talk through their worry together.  We shall be introducing this to the children tomorrow. 
Best wishes,
Mrs Turner