Art Gallery

Fritchley's Art Gallery
The whole school have been 'CREATORS' this term.  All classes have an Art/DT themed project. Within the creator topics, children have had the opportunity to:
  • Identify questions to answer and problems to solve
  • Show flexibility
  • Organise time and resources
  • Communicate the learning in relevant ways
  • Work towards a goal
  • Adapt new ideas as circumstances change
  • Show empathy
Last week we held our very first Art Gallery. Every child produced a piece of work to be displayed.  On arrival at the gallery, people were given a leaflet explaining the pieces of art and the inspiration behind it.  The children's sketchbooks were available to be browsed and teachers were present to answer questions about the work.
A huge thank you to Kelly, one of our parents, who shared her art expertise with Wingfield class and taught several 'Pop Art' lessons.   Thank you also to all the families who came to view and buy the pieces of art.  This was a great success.  The money that was raised will go directly back into the art curriculum to ensure that the children have the right equipment for future projects.  Thank you for making this a very special occasion.