Ofsted, Feedback & Priorities

13th June 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


Following our inspection by Ofsted on May 8th 2024, I am now able to share the final report with you all. We are delighted to tell you that Ofsted have judged Fritchley CofE (Aided) Primary and Nursery School to be a GOOD school. We are extremely proud of this positive outcome which is a testament to the care and commitment of our staff, the support of our parents and carers, and of course, a celebration of our wonderful children.


At Fritchley CofE (Aided) Primary and Nursery School, visitors that spend time in our school, frequently leave with a strong impression of both the children’s and staff’s enthusiasm, happiness, supportiveness, and kindness. Our Ofsted report captured this:


The school is the hub of the local community. As one parent commented, ‘The school has been there every step of the way offering help and support not only to the children, but to me as well.  The school is a harmonious community, and relationships are strong.’


The report also acknowledged that staff who teach and support your children are skilled, have high expectations and secure subject knowledge:


‘Teachers choose activities carefully to ensure that pupils in mixed-age classes are given work that is appropriate. Teachers use classroom displays well to support pupils’ learning. Teachers have sound subject knowledge, and use this well to deliver the curriculum. They use questions and model their thinking well. Their instructions and explanations are clear and concise. Pupils respond positively and attentively.’


The report identified that there are areas for development and these are already part of our school improvement plan. We have been working hard to ensure we have an engaging, aspirational curriculum, which inspires our children to learn even more effectively. We are delighted that Ofsted have recognised the strengths and the work that has been done so far, and we are keen to continue to develop and embed the full curriculum.


Thank you to every member of the school and the Governing Board, who work tirelessly to ensure Fritchley CofE (Aided) Primary and Nursery School remains a great place for children to learn. Also, thank you to our parents and carers for your support.   Please find the Ofsted report attached and on our website. The report will also be published on the Ofsted website next week.


Kind regards,

Rosie Turner