Haddon - Year 1/2

Haddon Class is a mixed-age class of Year 1 and 2. There are currently 26 children in this class. They are taught by Miss O'Shea and supported by Ms Birks. The children in Haddon Class love to learn through exploration and play. 
What does it mean to be British?
We are discoverers
Autumn 2023
This term the learning in Haddon Class is centred around what it means to be British.
In our first half term, we will focus on British Values and Changes in Living Memory, making links to children's own lives, families and the local area. 
During Autumn 2, we will celebrate the lives of  some Significant British Individuals.  We will compare aspects of British life in different periods and make links to our local area.

We will also take part in a design technology unit focused on British food. 

In our stand alone subjects, children will be studying:
Subject Autumn 1 Autumn 2
Science Enquiry skills Everyday materials
Systems and Networks: technology around us                                    
Creating Media: Digital painting
PE Athletics Invasion Games
PSHE Be Yourself VIPs
RE Who made the world?
What gift would I have given Jesus if he had been born in my town not Bethlehem?
Music Hey You! Rhythm in the way we walk and Banana rap
Design and Technology - Healthy Sandwiches
In D.T, the children have tested breads from around the world, planned their healthy fillings and finally made and evaluated their sandwiches.  
In PSHE, the children have thought about how they should treat their VIPs. As part of this, they have tested and evaluated their own collaboration skills, whilst completing tangram challenges.
Essential Information
Monday - Spelling test 
Monday and Friday -  PE
Children are taught by:
Miss O'Shea Monday - Thursday
Mrs Turner and Mrs Deaville on Friday.
Children are welcome to keep their PE kit in school.
For their daily bag, we politely request that children bring in a flat book bag rather than a rucksack as the space in the cloakroom is limited.