New Curriculum Launched January 2023

In the Spring term the whole school become EXPLORERS. All classes have a Geography themed project. Within the explorer topics, children will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify questions to answer and problems to solve
  • Recognise and reflect on the impact they can have on their environment and community
  • Show a commitment to justice
  • Communicate learning in relevant ways
  • Show empathy
The big questions that the children will explore are:

How is Fritchley different to the polar regions?

Where are we in the world?

What would I see on a Kenyan safari?

Would the world be a better place if the crust was in one piece?

Do our decisions impact the world?

How has our local area changed over time?
Each class has a two-year rolling curriculum.
Knowledge Organisers Cycle A 2022/23
Knowledge Organisers Cycle B 2023/24